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Some of the largest, most well respected, builders, property developers, and institutional real estate owners in the world have partnered with us to restructure the economics of their real estate projects through the use of capital recovery fee assessments. By helping property developers, buyers and sellers alike, we have become the world’s largest originator and owner of capital recovery fee assessments, with total assets exceeding seven billion dollars. In the process, we have created what is projected to be one of the largest charitable endowments in the United States.


The owners of hundreds of billions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate projects have partnered with Freehold to create assessments covering hundreds of thousands of planned and existing real estate projects. Freehold’s portfolio covers residential, commercial, hotel, resort, apartment, retail, and light-industrial real estate projects. Since the assessment is based on the gross sales price over 99 years, has an expected built-in correlation with inflation, and generally must be paid as a condition of transfer of title, (e.g. no meaningful default risk), many consider the income stream to be an investment grade asset. Freehold’s philosophy is to acquire and hold these real estate interests as territory-based investments denominated in local currencies and/or as blended components of a larger portfolio of assets.

Class A Commercial Office
Residential Project
Mixed Use Development
Commercial/Retail Property
80 City Blocks in Houston
Single-family Home
94+ acre Subdivision
Coastal Residential Property
Golf Community Development

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Capital recovery fees can help developers restart stalled projects, creating significant economic benefits.

Title companies

Title companies across the country routinely close transactions with the Freehold Instrument in place.

Property Buyers

If you are buying property encumbered by a capital recovery fee, you can expect to pay a lower sales price and lower carrying costs.


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