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Freehold believes in building strong communities, which is why every Freehold instrument requires that a portion of the gross transfer fee go to non-profits for as long as the covenant lasts (generally 99 years).

This mandatory provision, included directly within the instrument itself, and administered by a trustee, insures a long-term income stream will flow back into the community.

Freehold has created a powerful future endowment. Each time hundreds of billions of dollars in real estate projects are sold, a portion of the sales price goes to a non-profit operating within the community.

Non-profits recognize the reality that economic incentives encourage charitable giving. Freehold shows developers how they can restructure the economics of their real estate holdings while also benefiting their community. By "bundling" these two concepts together Freehold creates tremendous value for property owners while also generating a long-term income stream for non-profits.

If you are a non-profit organization that would like to benefit from Capital Recovery Fees, download our simple Grant Application. You can also learn more by downloading our Brochure.