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About Freehold Global

Freehold Global owns one of the largest non-possessory real estate interests in the world. Freehold Global additionally refers to the collection of all worldwide origination entities responsible for aggregating new assets. To date, these originations total in excess of USD 100 Billion and include assets across all real estate classes and across a wide range of geographies. Freehold Global leverages these assets to bring value...

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Overview of the Freehold Portfolio

Freehold has worked with its global origination partners to aggregate interests in over USD 100 billion dollars of residential, commerical and light-industrial real estate through partnerships spanning the globe. These investment grade assets have become an economic lever to promote and reward responsible and sustainable development and to support both non-profit and for-profit initiatives that provide social-good at the community level.

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Freehold and its Global network of Partners

Freehold Global Partner Network is comprised of organizations internationally that provide asset origination, development support, sustainability consulting, product engineering, investment support, and financial and legal services for our real estate partners, property owners and local non-profits.

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